Combining cardio and weight training helps you burn more calories and sculpt your muscles in a single workout. This type of workout, which is called circuit training, also fights boredom. Since you’re swi
The value of a workout is only as good as the integrity of each individual repetition performed in that workout. If an athlete was doing 10 sets of 10 or just 1 set to failure the quantity of muscular growth wi
When it comes to gaining strength and size, there are certain “rules” that exist in the gym. Well as usual, some rules are meant to be broken. In fact, some of these stigmas may be holding you back
Taking time to stretch your quadriceps muscles is important both before and after an intense workout. When you do so, you decrease the chances of injuries during your workout and reduce muscle soreness followin
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When you run with people, many of the same conversations come up. You talk about what you ...
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Injury can affect your bones, muscles, joints or the connective tissues that hold them...
The following is a guest post by Mike Tromello of Precision CrossFit:   It is easy ...