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Relax relax relax your way to better running
A Lesson From The Sprinters of the WorldHave you ever watched a sprinter in slow motion? I’ve always been fascinated with the juxtaposition of muscular effort with relaxation while they run – specifically, the power exhibited in
Resolving the Back Pain Issue
I get this all the time from my clients. “What can I do to help strengthen my lower back?” “My lower back hurts when I do pushups or the plank.” And they are suprised when I tell them that what they really need to do
The Pritikin diet
Your friends use sofeminine, discover what they have read This is a health and weight loss diet invented in the 1950s by Dr Pritikin. He devised a diet to follow because his arteries were clogged with cholesterol. The Pritikin Diet and Exe
Chickpea (Garbanzo Bean) and Tomato Salad
Fresh summer tomatoes, garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas), hard boiled eggs, and sweet onions, tossed with a light vinaigrette – here are the makings of a surprisingly delicious summer salad. I made this for lunch yesterday from
The secret signs of ageing - and how to stop them
The secret signs of ageing - and how to stop them The secret signs of ageing Looking old before our time is no one's idea of fun. But what can you do to make sure your skin is looking radiant and healthy? Fight the secret signs of ageing
How to get rid of chest acne
One of the most frequently asked acne questions is the one on how to get rid of chest acne. The frequency with which that question (on how to get rid of chest acne) is asked is mainly attributable to the fact that most of the people with ac
10 New Sex Positions
10 New Sex Positions You've Never Heard of...But Need to Try, Now If the sexual honeymoon's over and you're tired of busting out the same three moves, it's time to spice up your boudoir repertoire. Try any one of these, or go buck wild wit
Planning a Family: Financial and Career Considerations
It’s an exciting feeling when you and your partner finally decide that it’s time to start a family!  Or perhaps you fall into the “surprise!” category and it’s, “ready or not, here we go!” 
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